We have been serving the Monterey Bay area for more than 30 years as a local, independent, family owned business. It was a very humble beginning in 1986 when Charlie and Maria took over a failing nursery with just enough knowledge and enthusiasm, but not much capital. Charlie had studied horticulture and had previous garden center experience, while Maria brought a lifelong passion for gardening and bookkeeping skills. After a couple of years, Lance joined the team with his incredibly vast knowledge of plants and gardening. We slowly evolved with many challenges along the way. We have endured water rationing, rainy springs, foggy summers, recessions, earthquakes, insect quarantines and competition from big corporate retailers.

We attribute our success to four core business philosophies: Purchase the highest quality plants and earth-friendly products, hire knowledgeable and personable coworkers, be a fair and socially responsible employer, and, always treat customers like friends, with courtesy and respect.